/Repair - Repairs your tools and armor! that.

- You can have the abilitiy to have up to UNLIMITIED home set's 

 Access to Donator text Channel within any modpacks that are on Minecraft 1.12.2 command is /d

Elytra Trail! have a nice Elytra particle when flying only in Minecraft 1.12.2+ command: /et

+7,000 Claims Blocks! Type /kit vipclaimblock to access them also have access to lower psycho kits these are one time use by having access to all Donator ranks handyman, supporter,vip, vip+ supercrazy,psycho you have in total 24,000 claim blocks

/fly - the ability to fly like a bird or fly like a dragon! 

/enderchest - the ability to use access your enderchest anywhere, any time

/top - Quick way to teleport on top of a block, your house, bases!

/near - See who's really near you that hidden from your mini-map

/nick - you can use this command to change your name and have a nice nick name 

/fireball - Throw a fireball and be Human Torch from the fantastic four!

/lightning - throw a mighty lightining and be just like Thor!

/kit luckyblocks *If the modpack has Luckyblocks you can use this*

/jump - An abilitie to jumb on top of a block or jumping cross a ravine much helpful instead of flying it's much helpful

/heal - An ability to heal you before death or anytime and anywhere! 

/feed - instead of finding food or cooking food you can use this ability to instantly feed yourself anytime anywhere!


 /chatcolor - Abilitiy to change your chat color with range of colors

/hat - make a block as your hat!

/god - become a god of madness and don't get deal damage of anything or anyone!

/vanish - become Vanish and hide yourself from enemies

/Kit MadMan - Special kit for madman members

Abilites to get crates keys every month! 
only on 1.12.2+ modpacks to obtain the keys please do 
/kits uncommonkey

/crazyfeet (displays information about crazy commands)

/crazyautofeet (display more information)

/crazyautohead (display more information)

/crazyhead (display more information)




























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